Registration 2014-Detailed Instructions

I have word from Let’s Play Music that they are ready for you to enroll online! The process is very simple and easy!   Many have already successfully completed the process with no instructions at all, but here are some details just so you know exactly what to expect. 

  1. Visit the website. Go to and click “Find a Teacher” in the upper right corner to get started. Enter my last name “LeFevre” into the appropriate field and click “Find Teacher’ to view my class schedule.
  2. Select Class. Once you find the class you want to enroll in, click”Register Now”  This is when you’ll be asked for my Enrollment ID.  Please email me to get this ID. 
  3. Create an account.  You will need to create your parent account by clicking the blue button. Fill in your contact information and create login and password.
  4. Select the student for whom you are enrolling.  You only need to enroll the oldest of your children.  The others I will add myself.
  5. Select needed materials. Photos for all materials sets are viewable right from the enrollment page.  Click “view materials” if you can’t remember what comes in each set.  Please carefully select materials as changing order items after the fact will not be easy.  You can add extra instruments and workbooks for any younger siblings at this time.
  6. Enter payment information. The system can only accept Visa or Mastercard.  The process will fail if another card is used.  If you don’t have one of these cards, you may purchase a gift card of one of these types at most grocery stores.
  7. Complete process again for an additional child.  At the end of enrollment, you will see a thank you page with confirmation as to materials and class info. You then can click to return to “Find a Teacher” and begin the process again and enroll another child.
  8. Pay Registration fee to me.  Let’s Play Music $15.  Sound Beginnings $5.  I accept checks payable to Emy LeFevre or cards if you want to stop in.

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